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All proceeds go to the Camden Lions.

Hokey Pokey

order_hokey_pokeyA gourmet caramel corn with Cashews, Almonds, and Pecans. It's made with real butter - second to none!

$2.00 - 4oz.

Cajun Cracker Mix

order_cajun_crackerA snappy mixture of nuts and spicy crackers. Lip smacking good!

$2.00 - 4oz.

Smokehouse Almonds

order_Smoke-Almonds_lgSmoky, seasoned, whole, natural almonds

$2.00 - 4oz.


order_cashewsTasty Cashews roasted and salted. Delicious!

$2.00 - 4oz.

Blanched Peanuts

order_Peanuts1_lg-1Plump Virginia peanuts, roasted and salted.

$2.00 - 4oz.

Butter Toffee Peanuts

order_butter_toffee_pntsToffee coated peanuts with a homemade flavor that comes only from real butter.

$2.00 - 4oz.

Happy Hour


$2.00 - 4oz.

Festive Mix

 $2.00 - 4oz.

Viking Football w/ Peanuts   $20.00

Green Bay Football w/ Peanuts



Please provide us with some basic information so that we may contact you and finalize your order over the phone.

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